IMG_6706.JPGIMG_6718.JPGIMG_6711.JPGIMG_6713.JPGIrish Mist.jpgJanice Glew mixed media9.jpgJanice Glew mixed media19.jpgnew canvas.jpgIMG_6705.JPGBlue Lagoon2.jpgJanice Glew mixed media28.jpgJanice Glew mixed media8.jpgJanice Glew mixed media7.jpgIMG_6717.JPGJanice Glew mixed media2.jpgJanice Glew mixed media11.jpgJanice Glew mixed media27.jpgc54-Janice Glew mixed media25.jpgc89-Janice Glew mixed media26.jpgJanice Glew mixed media4.jpgJanice Glew mixed media17.jpgc80-Janice Glew mixed media18.jpg
Please take the time to browse the galleries above featuring examples of Janice Glew mixed media art and John Glew metal garden sculptures.

An exhibition of Janice Glew mixed media art & the metal garden sculptures created by her husband John, is currently being held at: Union Contemporary Interiors – Union Street, Grantham, Lincolnshire  NG31 6NZ