Janice Glew

Cornish born, the sea is in my blood, my paintings are directly influenced by the energies of the land and the sea. What I encounter reflects in my work.

Mixed Media Art

Janice Glew mixed media art

Limpid water stirred by a vigorous swell into shards of translucent jade, indigo and creamy froth. The rumble and hiss of waves careering up a sandy shore, the thundering roar of breakers hitting dark rocky outcrops. Diamond bright sunlight glittering on an open sea. A stiff breeze whisking spume into imaginary horses, galloping and plunging. Peaks and troughs, stirred by the breath of the sea, creating an ever moving ocean.

The scents and sounds of a soft wind through leaves in woodland, light and shade diffusing through branches of trees standing sentinel over countless seasons. A solitary tree on a mountain side, buffeted and bullied, leaning whichever way a fractious wind dictates, clinging on tenaciously to a harsh and inhospitable terrain.

A dreaming twilight, hazy purple mists diluting the bright brash yellow of gorse. The warm rustling of old bracken underneath sharp green fronds of new growth curled tightly, waiting to unfurl when winters harsh kiss is done.

All this and more. Natural passages of time made mysterious by the living world’s capacity to both thrill and soothe at the same time; the mind sleeps until natures asks a question.


2001-2003 University of Lincoln. Masters Degree Fine Art

1998-2001 De Montfort University Lincoln. BA (Hons) Fine Art

1997-1998 De Montfort University Lincoln. BTEC Diploma Foundation Studies in Art and Design