Janice & John Glew

Janice and John Glew are both well respected artists, living and working in Lincolnshire. Janice is well known, both locally and nationally, for her mixed media canvases and John is fast becoming recognised for his stunning, iridescent, metal garden sculptures.

Janice Glew MA Fine Art

Janice creates mixed media, oil and watercolour canvases that sit on the edge of Romanticism and Abstract yet still retaining formal consideration of landscape, allowing emotion and imagination to evoke atmosphere and mood.

Janice Glew painting 6

Janice’s strengths lie in the ability to handle the material substance of the paint; using its own inherent qualities to communicate her, constantly evolving, perception of the ever changing external.
Cornish born Janice Glew is a working artist with many past and future solo exhibitions to her credit.   Her mixed media paintings are currently being exhibited at:  Union Interiors –  contemporary interiors, modern art and interior design.

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